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Da capirci niente poi Necklace - black statement necklace - collana nera - Manola jewelry

Da Capirci Niente Poi Necklace


Dark Green Wingy Bracelet


Dark Green Wingy Necklace

Deep Peace Necklace - lapis lazuli necklace - Manola jewelry

Deep Peace Necklace

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Defy Evil Forces Set Necklace

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Dolce Che Hai Set Bracelet

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Dolce Che Hai Set Necklace


Don’t Give A Damn Earrings

Sale Enjoy The Waves Earrings - shell earrings - Manola jewelry

Enjoy The Waves Earrings

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Everything Is Fine Set Necklace

 25.99  20.79

Falling In Love Bracelet


Falling In Love Necklace