Elude Necklace


Elude Necklace drives away all negative vibes!

It’s a long, good luck necklace, made with multicolored Czech crystal beads. In the central part of the beaded necklace, there is unique gold colored metal button charm, joining both crystal straps. Silver plated horn pendant, gives the personality to this unique design.

Measures in inches
Length: 16.53”

Measures in cm
Length: 42 cm

Put you Elude Necklace and feel good vibes!

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Elude Necklace is a statement necklace in Manola way, made with love and positive vibes!

This beaded necklace with its independent design, will make you outfit special and original.

Don’t hesitate to look different and wear distinctive fashion accessories.

Put your Elude Necklace made by Manola and don’t let anybody do with your flow!

Just listen to the Universe…

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