Dance Floor Deep Gray Bracelet


Dance Floor Deep Gray Bracelet so trendy for this season, but still unique and made in Manola way!

Bracelet is made of deep gray colored fabric, adorned with 24k gold plated coin and beads.

Measures in inches
Coin charm Ø  0.79”
Length: 5.51”

Measures in cm
Coin charm Ø  2 cm
Length: 14 cm

Dance Floor Deep Gray Bracelet is so delicate, yet luxurious and attractive. It will make your wrist look adorable. You can also match it with other gold plated bracelets made by Manola.


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To this charming 24k gold plated Dance Floor Deep Gray Bracelet, no lady can resist!

This Manola piece you can find in the latest issue of  ELLE  magazine!

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