4 Luck Deep Gray Bracelet


4 Luck Deep Gray Necklace is a cord necklace with engraved clover leaf charm and silver plated beads. This lucky necklace is a great choice for everyday and casual looks.

Measures in inches

Length: 5.9”

Measures in cm

Length: 15

4 Luck Deep Gray Bracelet you can wear with both, dark and light colored outfit. This dark gray colored bracelet is totally neutral and perfectly matchy with other colors.



If you like to stacking bracelets, we recommend you to mix and match 4 Luck Deep Gray Bracelet with Shady Bracelet and Balmy Bracelet.

You can add some detail to your neck too, like Bad Boy Necklace.

Have a nice time with Manola 4 Luck Deep Gray Bracelet!

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