3-Way Necklace


3-Way necklace is a triple layer necklace, made of high quality crystal beads in 3 various colors: black, red and grey. It’s decorated with coin charms in gold & silver colored metal.

This chic & unique necklace is a perfect way to complement your simple designed clothes. You can match it with basic white t-shirt, but also with a black dress.

Measures in inches
Length: 9.8”

Measures in cm
Length: 25 cm




3-Way necklace ornamented with glass beads and different charms and pendant, will give you authentic and chic look.

Unique design of this layered necklace with 2 closures and black back cord, will give a signature to your basics and simple design clothes. You can wear it with maxi dress and jeans as well, so it is perfect for both, casual & dressy outfit.

Also, you can find your favorite combination with Manola crystal bracelets.

Don’t be afraid to experiment & add another dimension to your outfit with the statement Manola 3-Way necklace.

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