Statement jewelry will certainly tell a lot about you by defining your style. Bold and unique pieces of jewelry represent a statement to oneself, telling a story about who we are and what we value.

If you like statement jewelry, be careful not to exaggerate. If you choose to wear a piece of statement earrings, avoid to add a necklace, because it can look too showy and excessive. In this case, you can combine beaded and cord stack of bracelets and it will look just great! Also, choose calm type of clothes and other accessories and keep your makeup simple.

Here in Manola, every piece of jewelry  is made with the goal to be statement for itself, whether it’s made of crystal beads or cord adorned with different shapes of gold plated charms and pendants.

We do special kind of statement jewelry, for strong and confident kind of ladies, and we hope you’ll like it!

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All Night Long Bracelet - gemstone bracelets - antique design bracelets - statement bracelets - Manola jewelry

All Night Long Bracelet

Allowing Miracles Bracelet - sea bracelet - aquamarine bracelet - summer bracelet - Manola jewelry

Allowing Sea Miracles

Andros Necklace - mediterranean necklace - turquoise necklace - Manola jewelry

Andros Necklace

Born To Lead Necklace - sodalite jewelry - blue stone jewelry - statement necklace - antic look jewelry - powerful jewelry - Manola jewelry

Born To Lead Necklace

Classy earrings - hoop earrings 2020 - gold hoop earrings - statement gold earrings - Manola jewelry

Classy Earrings

Come In Waves Necklace - white necklace - turquoise necklace - Manola jewelry

Come In Waves Necklace

Crossing Necklace - cross charm necklace - diamond necklace - pearl necklace - gold necklace - Manola jewelry

Crossing Necklace

Smiling Face Bracelet - soft pink bracelet - summer bracelet - Manola jewelry

Crystal Smile Bracelet

Da capirci niente poi Necklace - black statement necklace - collana nera - Manola jewelry

Da Capirci Niente Poi Necklace

Direct Perception Necklace - gold chain necklace - coin necklace - snake charm necklace - Manola jewelry

Direct Perception Necklace

Doing Naturally Bracelet - turquoise bracelet - stacking bracelet look - Manola jewelry

Doing Naturally Bracelet

Doing Naturally Necklace - turquoise necklace - tirkizna ogrlica - collana estiva - summer necklace - Manola jewelry

Doing Naturally Necklace