Gold plated jewelry by Manola is made of 24k gold. Our products are covered with a pure gold. Yellow, white or rose gold is always trendy and up to date. Each of these colors of gold you can blend with other voguish accessories.

Our motivation is to give to a woman something special, and make her appearance divine and untouchable.With our custom made gold pieces, you can get both romantic and timeless look.

It is always a good option to test which color of gold and jewelry design fits you the most. Also, choose a piece of jewelry which will be the most suitable for the occasion you would like to wear.

It is always cool to sparkle and attract attention with unique trendy jewelry. Anyway, we are sure that your look will not pass unnoticed, with Manola distinctive design of handmade gold plated jewelry.

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Allowing Miracles Bracelet

Sold out

Always There Set Bracelet

Sold out Beat Off Necklace - hamsa charm necklace - Manola jewelry

Beat Off Necklace

Bite Back Bracelet - gold chain bracelet - gemstone bracelet - lapis lazuli bracelet - blue bracelet - Manola jewelry

Bite Back Bracelet

Bite Back Necklace - green aventurine necklace - lapis lazuli necklace - gold chain necklace - Manola jewelry

Bite Back Necklace


Break Time Earrings


Catch Me Earrings

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Criss Cross Bracelet


Cross My Mind Set Bracelet


Cross My Mind Set Necklace


Dark Green Wingy Bracelet


Dark Green Wingy Necklace