Glass beads represent perfect add to refine your jewelry wardrobe. They have some special appearance, equal to candies. Beads are always trendy and chic. You can wear them everyday, in comfy and casual way, as well as, with heels and more elegant outfit.

Manola offers you variety of colors. In our shop online you can find them in white, red, grey, silver, gold, black, pink, green, black and other colors. We use versatile shapes, sizes and styles.

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Balmy Bracelet - crystal bracelet - red string - red bracelet - red fashion accessories - crystal jewelry

Balmy Bracelet

Beat Necklace - heart charm necklace - gold heart charm necklace - chic gold necklace - unique heart charm necklace

Beat Necklace

Chilly Necklace - white beaded necklace - lucky red necklace - lucky jewelry - chic gold necklace

Chilly Necklace

Closely Necklace - choker necklace - black choker necklace - unique choker necklace

Closely Necklace

Criss Bracelet - rose gold bracelet - chic bracelet - unique beaded bracelet - chic jewelry

Criss Bracelet

Criss Cross Necklace - cross charm necklace - rose gold necklace - cross charm - rose gold - handcrafted jewelry

Criss Cross Necklace

Criss Necklace - rose gold necklace - beaded necklace - short rose gold necklace - short crystal bead necklace

Criss Necklace

Docious Bracelet - charm bracelet - red fashion accessories - red fashion details - distinctive jewelry - handmade jewelry - chic jewelry - beaded bracelet - beaded jewelry

Docious Bracelet

Docious Necklace - gold charm necklace - soldier charm - red charm necklace - chic charms

Docious Necklace

Dreamer Bracelet - gold bracelet - chic gold bracelet - unique gold bracelet

Dreamer Bracelet

Dreamer Necklace - sun moon stars necklace - gold chic necklace - gold charm necklace

Dreamer Necklace

Elude Necklace - beaded necklaces - horn necklace - lucky necklace - stylish necklace

Elude Necklace