Fashion jewelry we do is courageous and fun. Manola woman is feeling confident and she is not afraid to express her attitude. She’s always traveling in her mind and she is reaching all magical places she wants. She stands out with her fashionable and stylish accessories. She is silly, funny, like to smile and to explore.

Manola jewelry has a selection of various statement necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings which are perfect for both, light spring – summer and winter wear. They are special and original, cause otherwise it’s boring.

We are so glad to share with you our creations and crafts, and everything behind them.  You are welcome to take part of our fashion inspirations, motivations and ideas, cause we would like to here from you too.

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4 Luck Deep Gray Bracelet - clover leaf charm bracelet - clover leaf charm jewelry - lucky bracelet - distinctive bracelet - silver charm bracelet

4 Luck Deep Gray Bracelet

4 Luck Deep Gray Necklace - unique charm necklace - unique jewelry - original design necklace - original design jewelry

4 Luck Deep Gray Necklace

Balmy Bracelet - crystal bracelet - red string - red bracelet - red fashion accessories - crystal jewelry

Balmy Bracelet

Sold out Bohemian Rhapsody Earrings - Bohemian Earrings - Boho Earrings - Chic Earrings - Statement Earrings - Statement Jewelry - Gold Earrings

Bohemian Rhapsody Earrings

Bouncy Earrings - fashion earrings - boho earrings - chic earrings - handmade earrings - statement earrings - goldplated earrings

Bouncy Earrings

Breaking Away Turquoise Bracelet - glass beads bracelet - fashion bracelet - turquoise bracelet - summer bracelet

Breaking Away Turquoise Bracelet

Capricious Green Necklace - cross charm necklace - army green necklace - chic necklace - gold necklace

Capricious Green Necklace

Capricious Red Necklace - red necklace - cross charm necklace - gold button necklace - statement jewelry - chic necklace

Capricious Red Necklace

Carry Earrings - chic earrings - gold earrings - cross charm earrings - cross earrings

Carry Earrings

Chilly Necklace - white beaded necklace - lucky red necklace - lucky jewelry - chic gold necklace

Chilly Necklace

Closely Bracelet - Fabric Bracelet - Key Charm Bracelet - Unique Bracelet - Handmade Bracelet - Crystal Charm Bracelet

Closely Bracelet

Closely Necklace - choker necklace - black choker necklace - unique choker necklace

Closely Necklace