Fashion earrings make you look delightful and charming. They absolutely represent a statement to your outfit, and the ways on how you can wear them, is boundless.

Manola earrings come in different textures, shapes and colors, yet with original and distinctive design. Always with Manola’s signature and style.

Don’t be afraid to be chic and up to date with fashion earrings.

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Allure Black Earrings - gold cuff earrings - Manola jewelry

Allure Black Earrings

Allure red earrings - gold cuff earrings - red earrings - Manola jewelry

Allure Red Earrings

Bite Back Bracelet - gold chain bracelet - gemstone bracelet - lapis lazuli bracelet - blue bracelet - Manola jewelry

Bite Back Bracelet


Bite Back Earrings

Sold out Breaking Earrings - gold hoop earrings - statement hoop earrings - Manola jewelry

Breaking Earrings

By The Moon Earrings - moon earrings - gold moon earrings - italian jewelry - Manola jewelry

By the Moon Earrings

Classy earrings - hoop earrings 2020 - gold hoop earrings - statement gold earrings - Manola jewelry

Classy Earrings

Sold out Close To Me Earrings - gold cuff earrings - gold statement earrings - Manola jewelry

Close To Me Earrings

Cosmic Earrings - coral earrings - white earrings - statement earrings - gold earrings - Manola jewelry

Cosmic Earrings

Let It Go Earrings - leaf earrings - gold leaf earrings - turquoise earrings - Manola jewelry

Let It Go Earrings

Link Up Earrings - statement gold earrings - safety pin earrings - Manola jewelry

Link Up Earrings

Sold out Out of Line Earrings - gold hoop earrings - statement gold earrings - Manola jewelry

Out Of Line Earrings