Fashion earrings make you look delightful and charming. They absolutely represent a statement to your outfit, and the ways on how you can wear them, is boundless.

Manola earrings come in different textures, shapes and colors, yet with original and distinctive design. Always with Manola’s signature and style.

Don’t be afraid to be chic and up to date with fashion earrings.

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Aegina Earrings - mediterranean earrings - coral earrings - italian style earrings - Manola jewelry

Aegina Earrings

Charlotte earrings - stone drop earrings - royal blue earrings - stacking look earrings - Manola jewelry

Charlotte Earrings

Classy earrings - hoop earrings 2020 - gold hoop earrings - statement gold earrings - Manola jewelry

Classy Earrings

Kea Earrings - mediterranean jewelry - pearl earrings - Manola jewelry

Kea Earrings

Let It Go Earrings - leaf earrings - gold leaf earrings - turquoise earrings - Manola jewelry

Let It Go Earrings

Love Struck Earrings - cupid angel earrings - angel charm earrings - Manola jewelry

Love Struck Earrings

Nights Over Egypt Earrings - antic design earrings - gold antic earrings - Manola jewelry

Nights Over Egypt Earrings

The World Is Mine Earrings - unique hoop earrings - gold hoop earrings - Manola jewelry

The World Is Mine Earrings

True Wisdom Earrings - triangle earrings - Turquoise earrings - Manola jewelry

True Wisdom Earrings

Try Me Earrings - statement stud earrings - gold stud earrings - Manola jewelry

Try Me Earrings

Wanna Dance Earrings - statement dangle earrings - snake earrings - Manola jewelry

Wanna Dance Earrings