Charm necklaces is a must-have for this season. Summer time is a perfect period to show your glossy and sparkly look. It’s about the details that will give you an additional and more attractive image to your wardrobe.

At Manola jewelry online shop, you can find various patterns and forms of necklaces with goofy and chic charms.  Modish pendant forms like key, heart, coin and boy, will make you look spectacular. Show your mood with Manola charm necklaces.

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Air of Night Set Necklace - miyuki beads necklace - statement jewelry - Manola jewelry

Air Of Night Set Necklace


Always There Set Necklace

Sold out Beat Off Necklace - hamsa charm necklace - Manola jewelry

Beat Off Necklace

Bite Back Necklace - green aventurine necklace - lapis lazuli necklace - gold chain necklace - Manola jewelry

Bite Back Necklace


By The Light Necklace


Catch Me Necklace

 25.99  20.79

Ci Sei Necklace


Cross My Mind Set Necklace


Dark Green Wingy Necklace

Sold out

Defy Evil Forces Set Necklace


Everything Is Fine Set Necklace

 25.99  20.79

Find Time Necklace