Charm bracelets is a great accessories to express your feelings and sentiments. It is a perfect way to say to someone how you feel and to tell your story.

It represents a classic accessory. It’s not a trend that will lest for just one or two seasons.

Bracelets with charms are the perfect gift for mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters and friends.

Manola offers you unique designs of charm bracelets, accessories, necklaces and earrings.

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Criss Bracelet - rose gold bracelet - chic bracelet - unique beaded bracelet - chic jewelry

Criss Bracelet

Sold out Dance Floor Deep Gray Bracelet - gold plated - gold plated bracelet - gold plated jewelry - charm gold plated bracelet

Dance Floor Deep Gray Bracelet

Docious Bracelet - charm bracelet - red fashion accessories - red fashion details - distinctive jewelry - handmade jewelry - chic jewelry - beaded bracelet - beaded jewelry

Docious Bracelet

Dreamer Bracelet - gold bracelet - chic gold bracelet - unique gold bracelet

Dreamer Bracelet

Goldy The Boy Bracelet - chic bracelet - boy pendant bracelet - gold pendant bracelet - statement bracelet

Goldy The Boy Bracelet

Let's Go Bracelet - lucky bracelet - red string bracelet - beach bracelet - Manola jewelry

Let’s Go Bracelet

Remote Bracelet - shiny bracelet - sparkle bracelet - new years eve jewelry

Remote Bracelet

Sold out Sarasa Bracelet - coral bracelet - white bracelet - chic bracelet - Manola jewelry

Sarasa Bracelet

Secret Bracelet - key charm bracelet - gold key bracelet - hematite bracelet - Manola jewelry

Secret Bracelet

Seductive Black Bracelet - heart charm bracelet - turquoise bracelet - statement bracelet - Manola jewelry

Seductive Black Bracelet

Silent Bond Bracelet - love bracelet - lucky bracelet - statement jewelry - lucky horn bracelet

Silent Bond Bracelet

Temptation Bracelet -gold statement bracelet - chic gold bracelet - white beads bracelet - white bracelet

Temptation Bracelet