Beaded necklaces are always in and never out-of-date. They can make your outfit looks great.  You can match your necklaces with your fashion clothes and spice up your outfit.

You can find appropriate necklace depending on where are you going. If you are going to work, you have to choose modest and minimalist designs. If you are going at a formal event, there are fine jewelry pieces and designs with gemstones. If you are going out to a party, you are more free to wear some chic and funny custom made necklaces.

At Manola jewelry shop online, you will definitely found unique and authentic beaded necklaces for every occasion.

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Sky Taste Necklace - turquoise necklace - turquoise jewelry - Manola jewelry

Sky Taste Necklace


Lucky To Have Set Necklace


Stardust Set Necklaces


Lighten Up Necklace

Air of Night Set Necklace - miyuki beads necklace - statement jewelry - Manola jewelry

Air Of Night Set Necklace


Dolce Che Hai Set Necklace


Me Gustas Tu Set Necklace


Inner Space Set Necklace


Won’t Mind Necklace


Ne Basta Poco Necklace


Heart Direction Necklace


Always There Set Necklace