Necklaces have a power to transform a boring outfit into a special and original one! With a single necklace design, you can switch your casual daily look into a stylish evening outfit. You can wear it with a simple black or white t-shirt, but also with a little black dress.

All Manola necklaces are handmade and authentic. We don’t afraid to mix and match different materials, colors and shapes. At our online shop, you can find multi layered beaded necklaces, chokers, cord necklaces adorned with 24k gold plated charm and pendants, necklaces with colorful tassels.

In our designs you will find various forms like heart, key, coin, button, metal beads and more.

We make jewelry in a different way, in Manola way, cause ordinary is boring!

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Sold out 3-Way Necklace - statement necklace - beaded necklace - handmade necklace - unique jewelry

3-Way Necklace

Sale 4 Luck Deep Gray Necklace - unique charm necklace - unique jewelry - original design necklace - original design jewelry

4 Luck Deep Gray Necklace

$30.99 $18.55
Sold out Bad Boy Necklace - boy charm - unique charm - delicate necklace - unique necklace - unique fashion jewelry - original design jewelry

Bad Boy Necklace

Sold out Beat Necklace - heart charm necklace - gold heart charm necklace - chic gold necklace - unique heart charm necklace

Beat Necklace

Sold out Bittersweet Necklace - beaded necklace - Madonna charm necklace - glass beads necklace - gold charm necklace

Bittersweet Necklace

Capricious Green Necklace - cross charm necklace - army green necklace - chic necklace - gold necklace

Capricious Green Necklace

Capricious Red Necklace - red necklace - cross charm necklace - gold button necklace - statement jewelry - chic necklace

Capricious Red Necklace

Chilly Necklace - white beaded necklace - lucky red necklace - lucky jewelry - chic gold necklace

Chilly Necklace

Closely Necklace - choker necklace - black choker necklace - unique choker necklace

Closely Necklace

Convex Necklace - gold plated necklace - gold necklace - Moon charm necklace - Moon charm jewelry

Convex Necklace

Sale Crafty Necklace - gold charm necklace - gold charm jewelry - charm jewelry - chic charm necklace

Crafty Necklace

$49.99 $29.99
Criss Cross Necklace - cross charm necklace - rose gold necklace - cross charm - rose gold - handcrafted jewelry

Criss Cross Necklace