Earrings give a finishing touch to any outfit and style. They represent an accessory that accentuates your face and contours.

At Manola jewelry shop online, you can find different kind of handmade earrings made of high quality glass beads, crystals, unique gold plated charms, in various colors and combinations.

We have a large range of dangle, drop and hoop earrings. You can choose the closure you fits the most. From push-back closure for pierced ears, to clip on closure for non-pierced ears.

With Manola earrings, you can achieve different fashion styles. From boho, chic and exotic to glamorous and romantic look.

It’s always a good option to be distinctive and original with your jewelry and accessories!

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Bohemian Rhapsody Earrings - Bohemian Earrings - Boho Earrings - Chic Earrings - Statement Earrings - Statement Jewelry - Gold Earrings

Bohemian Rhapsody Earrings

Bouncy Earrings - fashion earrings - boho earrings - chic earrings - handmade earrings - statement earrings - goldplated earrings

Bouncy Earrings

Daydream Earrings - key charm earrings - dream earrings - dangle earrings - statement earrings - stand up earrings

Daydream Earrings

Edgy Black Earrings - crystal earrings - black earrings - dangle earrings - rose gold earrings - clip earrings

Edgy Black Earrings

Edgy Gray Earrings - crystal earrings - gray earrings - dangle earrings - rose gold earrings - clip earrings

Edgy Gray Earrings

Sold out No Boundaries Earrings - turquoise earrings - gold turquoise earrings - statement earrings - hoop earrings - gold hoop earrings - gold jewelry

No Boundaries Earrings

Profusion Earrings - tassel earrings - unique tassel earrings - chic earrings - gold earrings

Profusion Earrings

Ritzy Earrings - Handmade Earings - Green - Fashion Earings

Ritzy Earrings

Shady Earrings - chic cross earrings - statement cross earrings - rose gold unique earrings

Shady Earrings

Sweet Thoughts Earrings - statement earrings - colorful crystal earrings - playful earrings - chic earrings

Sweet Thoughts Earrings

Vamoose Earrings - crystal earrings - black earrings - romantic earrings - chic dangle earrings - chic jewelry

Vamoose Earrings