Bracelets represent a basic accessories that will complement you look. They are always trendy and in fashion. Stylish bracelets will make your combinations look much attractive and fashionable.

You can wear them for every occasion, at work, special events or if you are going to hanging out with your friends.

We have unique assortment of a handmade bracelets. There are beaded and 24k gold plated designs with unique and funny charms. They are made in different colors and shapes with high quality materials.

Be original and authentic with Manola handmade bracelets.

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Duda Bracelet - classy design gold bracelet - statement gold bracelet - Manola jewelry -

Gold Consistence Bracelet

Rebecca Bracelet - gold chain bracelet - stacking bracelet style - Manola jewelry

Rebecca Bracelet

Gold Vibes Bracelet - gold bangle bracelet - stacking gold bracelets - manola jewelry

Gold Vibes Bracelet

Allowing Miracles Bracelet - sea bracelet - aquamarine bracelet - summer bracelet - Manola jewelry

Allowing Sea Miracles

Silver Nights Bracelet - silver bangle bracelet - stacking bracelet style - Manola jewelry

Silver Nights Bracelet

Middle of The Night Bracelet - lapis lazuli bracelet - gemstone bracelet - blue bracelet - Manola jewelry

Middle Of The Night Bracelet

All Night Long Bracelet - gemstone bracelets - antique design bracelets - statement bracelets - Manola jewelry

All Night Long Bracelet

Come In Waves Bracelet - white bracelet - turquoise bracelet - Manola jewelry

Come In Waves Bracelet

My Path Bracelet - malachite bracelet - gemstone bracelet - green bracelet - Manola jewelry

My Path Bracelet

Never enough Bracelet - heart charm bracelet - heart bracelet - turquoise bracelet - white bracelet - Manola jewelry

Never Enough Bracelet

Aegina Bracelet - mediterranean bracelet - coral bracelet - Manola jewelry

Aegina Bracelet

Swingy White Bracelet - statement white bracelet - spring summer 2019 bracelet - italian design jewelry - Manola jewelry

Swingy White Bracelet