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FaQs. General Information

Do I need to open an account on manolajewelry.com in order to make a purchase?

– It is necessary to register on our website to make a purchase. By registering you accelerate the process of ordering, because your data remains in our database, and during the next purchase you will need to enter only your email address and password.

How you deliver the item(s) and how do I pay for it?

– Manola Jewelry is delivering WORLDWIDE via Post of Serbia courie.You can check details in our section Shipping & Returns. We use PAYPAL payment method.

What I ordered is not what I expected. Can I get my money back?

– If you are not satisfied with Manola jewelry for some reason, the money will be refunded, but it is subject to certain conditions. Please read detailed instructions in Shipping & Returns.

How do I know whether the size of a particular Manola jewelry piece suits me?

– Most of the models are of universal size, you can adjust them according to your personal needs. Anyway, you can check details of each product displayed at Manola e-shop. For more info, you can contact us at studio@manolajewelry.com


The product that I want to order is not available, can I reserve it?

– Unavailable items cannot be reserved, but if you put it on your Wishlist, it will automatically reappear when it becomes available in stock.

How to properly maintain Manola jewelry?

– All information on maintenance and cleaning of jewelry can be found in Care instructions.

Manola jewelry is designed to be worn and loved.
These simple tips will help you to protect and keep your Manola piece at its very best.

  • It is not recommended to wear jewelry while sleeping, bathing or during sports activities.
  • Avoid direct contact with perfume, makeup and other cosmetic products.
  • Keep jewelry in separate sections to avoid physical damages.
  • Avoid exposure to heat and direct contact with salt water.
  • For extra care, after wearing the jewelry, gently wipe each piece with a jewelry polishing cloth.
  • Never use abrasive chemicals or products to clean your jewelry.